It is imperfections that make things unique, offering distinctive character-a reprieve from being lost within a sea of monotony. Within nature, beautiful patterns of cellulose fibers-which we call wood- occur organically, a formation truly pure and honest. Wood knots are a unique type of imperfection, caused by a side branch or dormant bud that never quite made it into the world. These “imperfections” tell the story of a trees growth, of its life.

frames in progressKnotty Moose frames are made in Buffalo, NY from natural wood and crafted with care as each piece of wood is handpicked for its unique grain, character, and knots. I design each frame to not only complement the work it contains and the space it will be home to, but as a unique story in itself. Every frame is completely one of a kind. I believe that quality framing should be affordable and attainable; every customer should walk away satisfied by an authentic experience with a lasting piece of art. The things we choose to surround ourselves with are extensions of us; make them memorable and thrive in a space that is unique to you.

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